Critical opportunities for young artists

Critical opportunities for young artists

As Critical Culture Ambassadors, four Kingston High students have been given the opportunity to be a part of a wide variety of events over the next few years as they develop vital connections and valuable insights into many elements of the art world.

An initiative by the Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC), the Critical Culture Ambassador program provides access to a series of events, workshops, artist talks and exhibition visits for creatively minded young people from outside the Hobart area.

“The Tasmanian art scene is pretty amazing, and we are mindful of some of the limitations that exist for some, in terms of accessing what’s happening around the Island,” says Artistic Director of the Salamanca Arts Centre, Emma Porteus.

“We think that you should have full access to some vital connections within the sector, particularly if you are likely to go on with your arts practice and thinking.”

The ambassadors will also gain some insight into the behind-the-scenes of an Arts organization, as well as some of Tasmania’s leading commercial galleries, studios and arts institutions.
Kelsey Latham, Azhure Hodgetts and Jade Hughes-Gage are all current year 10 students at Kingston High and have been thrilled by the opportunities presented to them in being Critical Culture Ambassadors.

Along with a fellow student from the year 9 class, the girls have already attended several events for the year and look forward to more opportunities.

Ms Latham has a passion for large scale sketches and works mostly in grey-scale while Ms Hodgetts enjoys working with clay and plans to see her pottery evolve from a hobby into a side-business.

Ms Hughes-Gage prefers to focus on the performing arts and enjoys being a part of the productions at Kingston High as well as being passionate about her acting.

So far, the highlights for the girls have been a gallery sitting at MONA as part of this year’s Dark MOFO festival and a special workshop at UTAS where they were able to work closely with print artist, Trent Walter.

The gallery sitting at MONA has been a favourite of the girls and all of them are quite excited by the opportunity to attend the upcoming Junction Arts Festival in Launceston as well as looking forward to a sound workshop that is part of the future program.

The SAC wants to offer these student ambassadors varied and frequent opportunities to be part of a fresh and inspiring cohort of creative thinkers who will become an integral part of the art world here in Tasmania.

Pictured above: Year 10 students, Kelsey Latham, Azhure Hodgetts and Jade Hughes-Gage are three of the four Kingston High students broadening their artistic horizons through exclusive opportunities with the Critical Culture Ambassador program run through the Salamanca Arts Centre. Year 9 student, Isabelle, is also a part of the program but was away attending a photography internship at the time of the photograph.